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Image by Takashi Miyazaki


  • Find a baby sitter.
    • The minimum age to Smack My Axe is 12. Anyone under 18 requires a parent/guardian to be present at all times.
  • Protect your precious toes.

    • Don’t take the risk.. No one likes deformed feet. Wear proper shoes or you won’t be allowed to Smack My Axe.

  • Educate your fat axe.

    • Safety training will be required for every guest by a trained instructor. Yes, even if you’ve Smacked My Axe before.

  • Give us your autograph.

    • All customers are required to sign a Waiver of Liability explaining that they understand the rules and etiquette of Smack My Axe. Under 18 will require a parent’s/guardian’s signature.

  • This isn’t the circus. Don’t be a clown.

    • Trick shots or double axe throws are only allowed for the worthy. DO NOT attempt unless you're allowed to by your axe overlords.

  • Stay in your lane.

    • This isn’t the freeway. Swinging our big axe around all over the place will get your wreckless axe booted.

  • One Axe at a time.

    • Only one person is allowed to smack my axe at a time. This isn’t a doubles sport. You and your bestie are not Venus and Serena.

  • Keep calm and Smack My Axe

    • Aggressive and destructive throws are NOT allowed. This isn't dodgeball dummy. Act like you belong.

  • ​​​​Learn to Play Fetch.

    • Throw axe. Go get it. Throw axe. Go get it. Get it?

  • Drink responsibly.​​​​

    • Yes, you're an axehole, but don't be an a**hole. We will put your fat axe on time out if you're getting out of hand. 

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